Testimonials and Success Stories

A Miracle: A recently started niche manufacturing business based in Ahmedabad was in a fix when the owners fell short of working capital, even though they had sufficient orders to keep them afloat. They had already invested all their savings and were knee deep in bank loans. The only possible outcome they could think of was to either sell of their entire business or hope for an investor to fund them.

Open to any and all possibilities and outcomes they registered on our platform, created a listing and waited for their much needed miracle to happen. They were contacted by an investor on the platform within the first 48 hours. Over a period of 3 months that their listing was active on the platform, it received 431 views and 6 serious inquiries.

Since the business had started less than 6 months ago and required a few crores to survive we were a little less optimistic about them achieving their goal but to all of ours surprise the investor who had connected with them first saw enough potential in the business and the owners that he helped them not just with the working capital for the current unit but also helped them set up another unit along with mentoring on how to take their business to the next level.

Today, they are successfully running two manufacturing units and are looking forward to fulfilling their dreams.

Effect of Promotions : A seasoned businessman based in Bangalore with multiple running businesses across India was finding it difficult to handle all of them and decided to sell one, A BPO based in Bangalore.

He registered on the platform in the beginninging of June, 2015 and soon decided to take up our premium services to give his business listing a boost and better reach. He also received his first inquiry within the first 48 hours. Over a period of 6 months that his listing was active on the platform, it had received 749 views (magic of our promotions) and 11 serious inquiries.

Since we had been constantly promoting the business opportunity through our network, it resulted in the business listing getting 3 times more views than other similar listings in a short span of time. Through one of these promotions another businessman based in Mumbai came across the opportunity, and since he was looking to expand his business in Bangalore decided to contact the business and registered on the platform.

Over a series of discussions and negotiations in the following 4 months a deal was stuck between the two by the beginning of December 2015 and based on the information received recently, the deal has proven to be very beneficial for both the parties.

Help & Dedication: A packaged drinking water business based in Delhi with 2 partners and a history of successful operations for almost a decade came on the platform for sale in the beginning of 2015. The partners wanted to sell the business as one of them was moving abroad while the other had another running business where he needed to dedicate most of his time.

The business with good history and numbers showed great prospects and received multiple responses within the first 48 hours and we were hopeful that this deal will close very soon. But since the business revenue was more in cash the true potential worth of the business was not easily justifiable. it took the business a period of one and half year before a deal was struck. During this period, the partners decided to opt for our Exclusive premium services (with ongoing renewal) where we serviced them with extensive promotions and hand holding support. As a result, their business opportunity had received a total of 1496 views and 44 buy-side inquiries. We also advised on some of the business documentation during this process.

Because of sincere efforts and dedication, the partners have found the right buyer for this established business with an offer close. The final price is not disclosed by the seller, however the asking price on the business listing was in the range of INR 5-10Cr.

Happy to tell you that I found a buyer via IndiaBizForSale & successfully closed the deal.

M&A Associate
RainMakers Corporation

Hey guys, we have had a good experience with your services up until now - made a few good connections, and hope to make more. Hopefully those would convert into a deal soon. Thanks again for the platform and supporting your customers!

M&A Associate
RainMakers Corporation

I recently worked with Indiabizforsale for the merchant banker report valuation exercise of my company. The team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and they took the time to explain the process and workings to me in a way that I could understand. They were always available to answer my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Indiabiz to anyone who needs help with business valuation.
As a result, we were able to arrive at a valuation that we were confident in and were also able to make some important decisions about the future of our company.

Siva prasad
Business Owner

I have been into investment banking and using Indiabizforsale platform for a long time, but was just passively looking for investors and good investment opportunities.
Once I had a mandate from a food-tech based startup, we took subscription on IndiaBiz and then seriously reached out investors. We got really good investor leads and raised half a million funds for an Indian startup. IndiaBiz platform worked for me and was able to raise funds for my client. Investment bankers can use this platform for their mandates.

Mr. Jithender Kalluri
Business Consultant

I was faced with the challenge to sell my business assets due to the COVID-19 pandemic and needed funds to restart my business. I turned to IndiaBiz platform and discussed my situation with them. My listing was posted in the first week of November 22 and was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from the platform. Within 25 days I was able to close the deal and raise funds. I am very grateful for the support provided by the IndiaBiz team and Mr. Jaynil. Their assistance was invaluable, and I highly recommend their platform.

Aditya Kumar Kulkarni (Business Owner),
Manufacturing Business, Aurangabad

I was actively searching for investment opportunities in Aurangabad or Pune. On 2nd November 2022, I registered on Indiabiz platform and within 10 days I had an opportunity to invest in. I contacted Mr. Kumar on November 12 to discuss investment requirements and express interest in their business. The platform provided a good deal for us, and I am happy to recommend it for business buying, selling, or getting investments.

Alok (Senior Management),
Investor, Mumbai

After registering on Indiabizforsale in August 2022, and subscribing to their membership, I began connecting with multiple business investment opportunities in the IT & Finance sector. Within 3 months, I got a great deal and decided to invest. Thanks to the team.

Dharmendra K (Business Owner),
Investor, Gujarat

While we were trying to find a suitable buyer for my business, we got to know about Indiabiz through google search. It was easy for us to register our business on their platform and post-registration, we also received an onboarding call from one of their team members. They approved our profile and also sent it to some matching buyers on their platform. We received multiple inquiries in the next 2 months and finalised the deal with a suitable buyer. We are happy to recommend Indiabiz for selling a business.

Afzal Ansari,
5 Years old IT Shell Company in Ranchi

I was looking to buy a small business and I came across few options at indiabizforsale, after some interactions and checks I ended buying assets of a business from Madhya Pradesh. Now I am on a mission to raise funds for my project and looking for investors at Indiabizforsale.

Entrepreneur in Healthcare, Indore

I came to know about Indiabiz through my partner, post subscription it took me less than 15 min to find a business that I was searching for, through category search. I was able to follow and close the deal in less than 3 days swiftly.
Indiabiz is highly recommended for high-quality company profiles with sufficient background information of the displaying company. Thank you Indiabiz.

Senior Management, Bangalore

Our group was looking to acquire a highly sizeable logistic company from India, we were negotiating with an identified target company but it was highly overpriced since there was no other deal available. Hence we wanted to add more opportunities in our deal flow. My team approached Indiabiz and their platform deployed a marketing campaign for us while keeping it private, within a couple of weeks they got us a matching proposal from an investment banker and we got the trigger for the negotiation.

VP, Finance, A very large consumer electronics group, Delhi

I posted and sold my business via advertisement on the Indiabizforsale website. Initially, I was not sure how this will work out here, but I took comfort in knowing that there are many small businesses like mine advertised here. After posting the advertisement I received multiple serious interests for my business in Pune via indiabizforsale. I was able to select the right type of investor for my company; I had to say NO to at least 2 investors to avoid any business continuity challenge. The process took just under 3 months, I am happy to recommend the indiabizforsale platform to others. thank you

A Thomas, Business Owner
Battery Manufacturing Business, Pune

I sold my e-commerce business on indiabizforsale.com. I was able to search their extensive database for prospective buyers whose interests matched my offering. After becoming a premium member, I got several leads from the platform. One of these investors understood my business USP and potential very well. I successfully sold my business to him in about a month, for a price close to what I was expecting. I would be happy to recommend Indiabiz to business promoters who are looking for genuine buyers for their businesses.
Best wishes,

Jayanti Gupta,
Business Owner, Kolkata

Mr. Mohit was very professional in handling the deal. Everything went smooth including registering and that too happened right in time despite the Covid period. Best of luck to Moby app.

Muthu V,
Working Professional, Singapore

I have been working with IndiaBizforSale for over 1 year now, and had success in raising INR 20 lacs from the platform within a week. They are different as there is always a real person to help you figure out and match the needs on both sides. Additionally, their unique formula allows businesses and investors to talk directly, without much delay really works!.

Mohit Gill,
CEO Moby Phygital Media

IndiaBiz Team has been very supportive and helpful throughout. It is a wonderful way to start networking and connecting with Individuals who would like to invest in your ideas. I strongly recommend their services to startups trying to grow their business and get some publicity. Wishing you and your team the best and hope you guys grow into becoming the default in unorganized investment segment.

Hari Shankar,
Pet Care Distribution Business, Chennai

The SMB initiative by Indiabiz came at the right time for my business. Not only, I got interested folks to talk to but also got a lot of feedback on my business. As this was my first time doing a Business Exit, the feedback and support were very helpful.
It was executed really well, the team was helpful right from the beginning. I found Indiabiz from Google while searching for options for selling my business. Deepty briefed me about the SMB series at Indiabiz and it seemed very interesting. The team was there with me throughout the process. Right from guiding me on how to prepare for the pitch to represent it in front of investors.

Business Promoter,
IT Product company, Hyderabad

We are a Fast-Growing Startup in the HOSPITALITY Tech Space.
Indiabizforsale team has been very helpful and understanding of our needs and the complications involved in the nature of our Product. The professionalism by the team has been commendable and anyone looking to Raise Funds or looking at Validation on their Business Plans and valuation, I would sincerely recommend them. The best part is the sincere and focussed approach which makes the engagement easy to work on. Best Wishes to the team ahead.

Apporva Shah,
Hostec India

I approached them for advise related to my company’s future growth plans and pitch deck for investments, the team took time to understand the opportunity and then quickly helped us create a convincing narrative for our pitch deck and the financial model and valuation. This helped us immensely during the investment discussions with a leading company from our field.

Neil Savant,
Founder & CEO (Nuos Home Automation)

I am open to checking out partnerships as well as investment opportunities from my sector and I have an active membership at India biz. I receive opportunities from my sector from the team. I have interacted with a few local startups and small businesses in the same regard. I would recommend any growing business to keep a tab on opportunities from India biz.

Sandeep Shah,
Managing Director (Optimized Solutions Limited)

I am happy with India biz team, I have been looking for a reasonably priced pre-school to buy in Pune, after purchasing the membership plan, I got connected with the business opportunity, unfortunately this time the opportunity did not work out for me, but got a fab support from the team, I am positive that I shall find some good option soon from them.

Sanjay kumar,
Buyer (Pune)

I approached Indiabizforsale.com as I wanted to sell a cafe franchise which we recently started. I took a paid membership plan, I received very helpful support from the support team especially from Deepty. From helping with ideas on how to make my business profile active, asking price suggestions also suggested ways to promote it, and also how to communicate when I connect with matching investors for the same. It is not only Deepty but the Top management was also involved to guide us which shows how passionate they are about their work and business.

Overall could not have asked better support from the team, I do understand that it takes time to sell the business, I am positive that my business shall find the new owner very soon. Fingers crossed.

I highly recommend India Biz for buy and sale of Businesses.

Mr. Tariq Shaikh,
Franchise Owner (Malad West)

I approached India biz for sale team for the valuation of my startup as was considering taking investment from a known investor. The team helped me with my queries and guided me with practical insights. I felt very much at ease, and now confident using more of their services as I grow in this startup journey.

Mr. Prabuddh Mishra,
Vanproz Agrovet LLP (Bangalore)

We are a young startup started by veterans of the pharmacy domain, we had identified some potential investors from our own network and we were looking for a professionally built pitch deck to represent our startup opportunity to those investors. We approached INDIABIZ team for the same and the team worked with us very diligently on our business plan and based on that created a very effective pitch deck. We used it successfully and closed our first seed round. The team also identified some other areas where we needed professional assistance and they introduced us to some very smart service providers. Thank you team Indiabiz.

Mr. jatin mashru
Seller (Ahmedabad)

My company is into various sectors such as education, real estate, trading based out of Chennai. Our next target is to diversify into pharmaceutical manufacturing, upon research we came across Indiabizforsale with many opportunities. Upon becoming a premium member very quickly we could match with a number of good opportunities, and promptly we got introduced to them. We are already in a talk with a number of them. We are glad that there is a platform like indiabizforsale helping group like us evaluate opportunities instantly.

Mr. Mohammed Ashraf
Buyer (Chennai)

My experience with India Biz has been fully satisfactory.
Its not just value for money but beyond it. Very often people who represent a brand do not do good job.
But in this case Rohit, the Relationship Manager was absolutely 110% in his approach. He was always there for me giving solutions to my problems--if any.
He helped me a lot and along with Indiabiz am thankful to him too.

Sadanand B
Business Partner (Pune)

Thanks for your website and services.
I really appreciate the value you guys are delivering. I am happy to use the premium services and I look forward to use more and more of the services for several business we look forward to acquire and sell.
Just wanted to express my gratitude towards you and your team.

Mr. Omkar N, Business Owner
Buyer (Pune)

Deepty, thanks a lot for your diligent hard work providing support and helping grow your clients businesses and hence yours. Really appreciate your efforts. Look forward to more business opportunities.

Mr. Tanmay Kedia, Managing Partner - V Capital Services
Consultant (Mumbai)

Indiabizforsale.com is definitely your go to platform if you want to grow your business. Our experience with the service of Indiabiz has been great. Indiabiz always creates buzz around your business. Thank you for connecting me with the right buyer for the sale of my business.

Manoj Subramanian - Owner
Business Seller (Coimbatore)

It was tough to find investors for my eco-friendly products startup. IBFS platform helped me to find a perfect investor partner for my startup. IBFS has a vast personalities of investors right from angel investors to owners who want to become partner or acquire.
The best thing was getting quick responses not only from the owners who wanted to invest but also from IBFS team. The follow up was encouraging. I would recommend founders to at least participate or interact with IBFS team once, who knows you might also get lucky.

Abhishek Mandaliya - Founder
Seller (Ahmedabad)

Selling your business can be extremely difficult and time consuming, you already have an emotional tick to deal with plus finding an apt buyer becomes even more difficult. India Biz for Sale has been a life saver, in terms of ease to upload, approach and review. The key success lies with the genuineness of the investors, making the process very intriguing. Thank you!

Harsh (Business Owner - Partner)
Seller (Nashik)

We thank you for providing the valuation report of our Company.
We appreciate Miss Riddhi and her professional approach for providing report in detail.

Business Owner
Engineering Company (Bangalore)

Investing in just one startup doesn’t satisfy my appetite. By tying up with the right companies, creating a diversified and complementary portfolio, and staying tuned with breakthrough technology, I believe I can add a lot of value to the aspiring frontrunners in innovation today, and be a part of carving out a better tomorrow. Read more about successful investment

Narsingh Chaudhary (A Successful Corporate Professional)
Angel Investor (Singapore)

Indiabiz, thanks for your service and support. I had good leads. And sold my business. Thanks a lot again.

Ms. Kiruthika (Business Owner)
Seller (Chennai)

It is one of the best thing I did by contacting indiabizforsale for selling my business. They not only helped me in selling my business but also helped me to negotiate with the buyer resulting in a good deal. Above all, they are professional and know how to give service to their customer/seller/buyer. KUDOS to the team and THANKS for the support.

Mr. Bharat Verma (Business Owner)
Seller (Haryana)

I am very impressed with India Biz for sale as I was connected to a buyer within a month of listing my online toy library business for sale and the deal was finalised same month with immense support from Mr. Jinansh Suryavanshi

Vrushali (Business Owner)

I have recently sold off my business of an Advertising Agency through Indiabizforsale. A long, drawn out deal, it culminated successfully with the consistent guidance of Mr. Bhavin and active perseverance of Ms. Karishma. From the initial listing on their portal to the final stages of hand-over their hand-holding was perfect. Thank you team Indiabizforsale for a very efficiently curated and chartered deal.

Adesh Grover (Business Owner)
Advertising agency

From past couple of weeks, we have been associated with IndiaBizForSale.com and the journey so far has been delightful. The on-boarding process was smooth and in no time the team created our seller profile. Since then we have been getting consistent enquiries. We hope to get good outcome through IndiaBizForSale. Thank you for everything

Mr. Ashwinder (Business Owner)

We are a fast growing full spectrum staffing solution company in India. We have acquired a few companies in our domain in the last year using a tested thesis. To accelerate this process and to ensure a scalable, predictable acquisition process, we approached Bhavin and the team at IndiaBizForSale.com. They suggested some readily available opportunities on their platform in our sector, but were not of perfect match to our requirements. We worked out possible companies in our target list and the team at IndiaBizForSale.com worked on the marketing campaign for our interest to generate more leads. Within the first week of the engagement, the team at IndiaBizforSale moved efficiently and professionally to fix a meeting with a potentially large acquisition. They now have our buy side mandate for at least 4 companies this year and we look forward to the deals that the platform as well as the listings will bring us.

VC Karthic
Buzzworks, Mumbai (www.buzzworks.com)

We have been looking to acquire Call center businesses over a period of time for strategic growth of our Mumbai based IT business and hence we visited Indiabizforsale.com in the end of June to explore the opportunities available on the platform.
Soon after registering I was contacted by their team and they inquired about my business requirements. During discussion they suggested some business for sale options available on their platform matching my requirements. I was happy to contact those businesses and soon I got a favourable revert from one of the IT business owners from Bangalore. After going through a series of conversations, meetings and discussions over a period of 4 months we have acquired that Bangalore based IT business.

Mr. Pawas Goyal (Business Owner)
Buyer (Mumbai)

Few months ago I was facing a lot of financial issues with my business, to the extent that running the daily operations was becoming difficult. After being recommended by a family friend I visited Indiabizforsale.com and created an advertisement trying to find someone who would be interested in investing in my business. To my surprise within the first month of creating the advertisement I was contacted by the CEO of a major corporate. He showed very keen interest in my business and has given me enough support that we are initiating a second manufacturing plant. I would like to thank Indiabizforsale.com for all the support and giving a Small enterprise like mine a platform to connect with the right people

Mr. Rahul (Business Owner)
Seller (Ahmedabad)

I think this is a very powerful platform for Business Brokers like me to source accurate business buyers for my clients.
I listed 2 pharmaceutical business for sale opportunities on indiabizforsale.com, the team helped to refine my opportunities and within a matter of days I started receiving number of inquiries. I am positive to sell these businesses on behalf of my clients. Thank you, Mr. Arvind for your diligent, professional services.

Mr. Prepesh Agarwal
Business Consultant (Baroda)

I had a QSR restaurant business in Gurgaon and was planning to sell the business as I had plans to move abroad. I found your portal very user-friendly. Indiabizforsale.com has very extensive and relevant buyers/investors database and it keeps growing daily. I used couple of other platforms also but got most interest through your portal only. Being a premium seller on the website, I received lots of leads regularly.

The process took 6 months but now I have finally SOLD my business successfully through the buyers identified via IndiaBizForSale.com

Mr. Parveen (Business Owner)
Seller – Director (Gurgaon)

I am really happy to be associated with IndiaBizForSale.com. Earlier, I had memberships with different portals. But, to my surprise Indiabiz team won my heart right from my first call. I would specially like to thank Ms. Pooja who took care of my smallest queries. Indiabizforsale.com is the only Organisation which takes care of all its associates. Here, all leads and business providers are verified. This helps us receive genuine leads. All the very best to IndiaBizForSale.com to scale new heights and I am sure you would certainly achieve it.

Mr. Somnath Hingane Business Consultant (Pune)

We are happy working with IndiaBizForSale.com. The response from your side guide us in the right direction. Hope this will continue in future so it will help us to achieve our goal.

Seller - Director at Freight Forwarding Business (Mumbai)

I recently acquired one of the Education & Tutorial businesses from IndiaBizForSale.com website. I would like to first thanks to www.indiabizforsale.com for their excellent services. They provide prompt and informative services, they also take regular feedback about the proceedings. Other similar website ask money or signing amount for customer discloser as a buyer. I would like to recommend this website to all the new and young enterpreneur like us.

Mr. Rajib Biswas
Buyer – Director - Emprise India Pvt Ltd (New Delhi)

It was a great experience working with IndiaBizForSale and I am thankful to them that they have created a platform where buyers and sellers meet and end up with such good deal. I will also recommend IndiaBizforSale to other people.

Business Owner
Seller – Director (New Delhi)

We are very happy with the services extended by Indiabizforsale. The care and response from your representatives are laudable. We hope you would continue and periodically improvise on your services to help entrepreneurs and businesses. Wishing you all the very best for your future.

Shine Kurup
Seller IT company (Chennai)

I must congratulate, your web site is quite good & informative and look forward to clinch a deal through your site.

Investor Manufacturing Industry (Chennai)

With great pleasure and regard I write this testimonial for the excellent quality services rendered here at Indiabizforsale.com.

Personally I feel the team of the website is doing excellent work, which makes my experience more worthwhile and fulfilling. Overall my satisfaction level is very satisfactory with the quality of service and promptness of communication and the constant spirit to deliver and accommodate.

I wish the team success and good fortune for future.

Ritu Jain
Corporate Consultant (Mumbai)

We approached IndiaBizForSale to assist us in selling our Petroleum Products manufacturing business in Gujarat. On our first interaction with them, they asked specific questions to understand our business in-depth. They helped us to create our listing on the website, keeping our confidentiality intact. They made various efforts to promote our business to the right people and pro-actively search for companies interested in this business. As a result, we came in contact with at least 9 interested leads in a span of 6 weeks and 3 of them also visited our plant within two months. We are very happy with their services and will be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Seller Manufacturing Unit (Gujarat)

"We own Auto components manufacturing unit in Pune, looking for expansion through Joint Venture partnership with company from similar industry. IndiaBizForSale has successfully connected us with some good potential prospects and also business professionals who are helping us in strategic re-structuring of our business. We are very happy and satisfied with the Premium services provided by the expert team at IndiaBizForSale. Hope to get many more potential leads through them."

Subin Daniel
Seller Family Manufacturing Business (Pune)

"I have established multiple companies over the years, have gone through a lot of trial and error when I started the earlier ones from scratch and grew those. I have sold 2 of my businesses at a good value but i believe the amount of money and time spent building these companies from scratch was a very risky proposition.​Now I prefer to buy a running business, which I can take over and quickly grow from my experiences and professional network."

Fenil Shah
CEO Learn to Drill

I appreciate the sincere efforts of Ms Karishma from IndiaBizForSale in helping us meet several potential clients who are looking to buy a business in Ahmedabad. We have registered with IndiaBizForSale for the past 2 months but we have been getting Karishma's phone calls as regards our business sale even before we have registered with them as she came to know about our business sale through other vendors.

I am very happy with IndiaBizForSale.com as they are doing their best on behalf of us by contacting the clients who have shown their interest in our business in the previous days and have constantly been following up with them and also is trying to catch up with some new buyers who are interested in our business sale by conducting campaigns.

Mahan Travels is very happy with the services provided by IndiaBizForSale which has been true to what they had committed to us at the time of registration.

I appreciate.

Nalini Thakur
Seller Travel Business (Ahmedabad)

It is a new and great experience with IndiaBizForSale. Their service and the reponse after the service is prompt and professional. Miss Karishma as a representative of IndiaBizForSale has been really polite, professional and supportive. This portal is the best way to meet the right people for business proposals. I had posted a business proposal on this portal and got good response for the same. I wish IndiaBizForSale team Best of Luck for their future prospects.

Amit Chavan
Seller / Investment seeker Utilities & Manufacturing Industry (Pune)

We like your way of response and suggestions, hope you will continue same way and we wish you good luck for your growth.

Seller HR Recruitment (Bangalore)

We do value the instant feedback and sincere effort provided by "Indiabizforsale" so far on our queries..….that does matter in today's time of rapid fire.

We are confident that very soon we will be able to reach to our goal of search/deal by these serious intentions.

Buyer Distillery Plant (North India)

I really appreciate your services towards realizing the deals. Promptness, Clarity, Transparency are at the best in our transactions with you.

Wish you good luck for all your future endeavours.

Let's hope to do good business together.

V Madhava Rao
Investment Consultant (Hyderabad)