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How to franchise your business in India?

Franchising can be a good growth option for a proven business. You can decide which type of franchising options do you want to offer since there are various types of franchise business models like COCO, FOCO, COFO, FICO, FOFO. The most common models in India are COCO, FOCO, FOFO. You will need a good franchise collateral, a good number of leads of potential investors and region wise expansion plan for the same. Franchise collateral should include your business model, marketing materials, legal agreements, training program, process flow chart etc.... The package should also address common investor concerns such as investment requirements, expected ROI, and projected growth. Once you have professional collaterals available you can start with lead-generation from regions of your interest.

Why should you list your Franchise Business Opportunity on IndiaBizForSale? has the right audience for you if you are looking to grow your franchise network in India especially in all key regions. These investors consist of HNIs, Professionals and NRIs looking for passive investment as a second income, and more. The typical budget range is from INR 5Lakhs to INR 5Cr for these individual investors. 85+% of our investors look for business investment opportunities local to them.

How to connect with Investors for your Franchise on IndiaBizForSale?

1. Create your Franchise Business Opportunity on indiabizforsale. Your opportunity will be made available on the platform (after checked by IndiaBiz team).
2. Search and reach out to suitable investors pro-actively to share your franchise proposal with them. (Introduction credits required)
3. Interested investors can also show interest and get connected to you directly.

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Trial Valid 1 Month

Self service plan to search and connect with limited buyers


INR 15,000 Valid 6 months

Grow your franchise brand beyond your current location. Take the first step towards growth.



INR 35,000 Valid 12 Months

Fast-track your franchise growth in multi-cities by generating investors leads within a short time.


INR 150,000 Valid 12 months

Get it all, franchise pack preparation, marketing support to generate investors leads and year-long account management support.

Note: Prices are exclusive of GST

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What is Trial Credit?

We offer you a Trail Cedit which help you contact any 2 business investors/buyers who are looking for to buy your franchise opportunity.
To connect directly with any two franchise buyers of your choice, You need to list your franchise business opportunity on our platform, once it's approved (after discussion with you) by our team, it will publically visible for everyone which helps you to get incoming inquiries.

How does it work?

IndiaBiz online match-making platform makes it simple for you to identify investors/buyers/partners from across India and 140 other countries for a given business opportunity related to Fund-raising, M&A, Partnership, Franchising and more. You can expedite your investors reach out activity via exploring and connecting with relevant investors to get quick feedback and interest for your business opportunity.

  • You register and create your franchise business opportunity (listing)
  • Our analyst team will check/verify details before making it live.
  • You can start shortlisting promising franchise investors based on their preferences, location, budget ranges, and activity status.
  • Once your opportunity is made available on indiabizforsale platform, you can start reaching out to investors using introduction credits.

What is Franchise Businesss introduction credit?

Your account comes with business introduction credit(s) as per the membership plan you have chosen. Business introduction credit is required for each first-time you contact any investor.
When you use an introduction credit to connect with any investors, both sides will get each others’ contact details via email. In case, the contact details are kept private by the other party, these will be shared once they confirm the connection. In case, for any reason the introduction is not successful (Investor is not reachable or has decided not to pursue invest/buy any more to any franchise business opportunity) the credit used to connect will be reversed to your account to use for any other investor. However you will have to generate the request for credit reversal from your dashboard at within 7 days from the date you requested introduction with that investor.

What help can I get in negotiation, due-diligence, etc.?

Ideally your own local CA, CS and Lawyer team can help you for the same, in case if you require support from our team, we are happy to offer that to you.
Over the time we have identified and worked with more than 50 professionals/firms from across India who have competency and drive to provide those services. We will be happy to recommend them or drive that for you at a small fee.

What support can I expect from IndiaBiz?

There are various support levels available as per the membership plans. You can avail a completely self-servicing plan with email support only to a complete hand-holding throughout the transaction. You can decide the service level as per your requirement and budget. Our team provides advertisement support, buyer qualification, negotiation support, due-diligence support, overall transaction support and more.

What does Curated Business Opportunity mean?

Buyers, Investors & advisors wants to know some key information about the business before showing interest. Curated Business Opportunity helps market and discover your business with matching buyers and investors. .

What are the benefits of VERIFIED tag?

Verified Franchise business opportunities generally receives more interest because of more visibility and increased trust factor from buyers / investors on Indiabiz platform.

What is WhatsApp/Phone and email support?

Indiabiz is a self-servicing platform; we provide WhatsApp/Phone and Email support both to our paid members only. Every day, we receive numerous requests from our users and sometimes it can take days for us to come back.

Can I pay only after the deal closure?

Our business model does not work like that. Our membership plans allow you to easily connect with the investors and buyers of your choice directly.

Are the plans negotiable / flexible?

The price of a plan and its benefits are fixed for all the mentioned plans. There might be some promotional campaigns (time-sensitive) which may offer savings or additional features vs standard plans.

Is my subscription refundable?

We offer credit back for the introductions used. In case, a buyer or investor is no longer looking to pursue buying or investing in a business, we return the credit within 3 working days and you can use this credit to connect with another matching buyer or investor.

Is my subscription transferable?

No, your subscription is not transferable.

Can I check out the responses before choosing a paid plan?

You can explore the buyers/ investors profile at indiabiz. To share your business opportunity and connect with investors you would need a membership plan. Membership plans have access to a limited introductions credits to connect with the other (buy) side.

How to take communication forward with the buyer/ investor after initial Introduction?

It is a good practice to reach out to the other party in a timely manner - ideally on the same day if possible.
Call and introduce yourself well - build context - Introduce yourself and your opportunity briefly, do mention that you have got the introduction via IndiaBiz. Send SMS or Whatsapp message if for any reason the call is not answered (being an unknown number etc). Share enough information about your business opportunity so that the other party can evaluate the opportunity is interesting for them or not To know the profile of the other party, to understand their capability and intent; when on call, try asking relevant questions politely. By all means, only share confidential documents with the other party once you know more about them and have a comfort level. It is good to share revenue and profit margins on the call as well as the real reason as to why you are looking to raise funds/exit from the business. Sharing genuine information about the business opportunity is the backbone of any successful transaction. Sooner or later, the other party shall find out the true picture of the business opportunity during the diligence process. In case you do not hear back from the investor(s) after sharing requested information; without feeling awkward try to check at least couple of times via whatsapp message/text message that you would appreciate a feedback on the proposal.
Unless they feel they are in the race, the investors take time to decide and sometimes do not decide at all. This slow decision making is not because they are not interested - it maybe because they may not excited enough. As a best practice - you should reach out to multiple investors simultaneously to increase the chance of timely deal closure. Ask price: Valuation of your business is another aspect you need to consider. Being reasonable on the asking price is one of the most important factors for generating interest for your opportunity. If you are not sure about the valuation, you can always say that valuation exercise is being carried out by the professional team (so, do get that done professionally). In the meantime, the other party can evaluate if the opportunity is interesting for them or not.

My trial period has expired; can I still use my trial credits?

Introduction credits under standard account are to be used within a specific time period. The credits expire if not used within the stipulated time.

Will my free credits be added if I choose a paid membership plan?

Yes, when you upgrade to a paid membership plan within the 14 day trial period, any remaining credits will be carried forward to your active plan.

I have posted my franchise business opportunity but did not receive free credits to contact buyers?

Trial Introduction credits are only received after your franchise business opportunity is approved on IndiaBiz platform. In case, your business is not approved yet; please send an email to [email protected] with your registered email / phone number and we will look into it.

How much do we charge on deal closure?

We charge a small finders fee of 1% of the total deal value to the business owner/promoter. This fee is payable when you receive the first (part or full) payment from the investors/companies identified via If you have posted the business opportunity as a consultant/advisor/i-banker this is not applicable.

Can I get credit back if the buyer is not interested in my business opportunity?

Introduction credits are used to connect with buyers and to send your business proposal directly. Ideally, you should only contact investors/buyers whose preferences match with your business opportunity. Credit back is not available under trial plan.

What is Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Introductions?

In our experiences, we understand that promoters on average connect with maximum 45 to 60 investors for their proposal. Fair Usage Policy for unlimited introductions allows up to 100 introduction credits over a period of 12 months. On case by case basis, we may be able to add more credits to your account depending on the feedback received from the investors for your business proposal.

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