November Flashback: 120 New Business Investment Opportunities

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Welcome to the latest update of our Business Update Series! As we usher in the first day of December, we’re thrilled to present a recap of the exciting business investment opportunities that graced our platform throughout the month of November 2023.

Our IndiaBizForSale platform continues to be a hub for dynamic businesses and startups actively seeking partnerships, investments, franchises, and strategic exits to fuel their growth initiatives. With over 10,000 businesses listed, the opportunities cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

In Last month of November, we saw the addition of 120 new business opportunities, each offering a unique proposition and potential for success. These opportunities range from enterprises seeking funding to those exploring exit strategies, as well as those extending franchise opportunities.

If you’ve ever dreamed of launching your own business or being a part of a growing startup, here’s your chance! Take a genuine look at the opportunities mentioned below and start your journey toward something extraordinary. Your adventure begins now!

120 New Business Opportunities: Buy, Invest, Partner & More..

  1. Running IT Business for Sale In Gurgaon
  2. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise For Sale In Gurgaon
  3. Game Development Company Raising Funds In Chennai
  4. Equipment Manufacturing Business Raising Funds In Chennai
  5. Startup Business With High Profit Raising Funds In Bangalore
  6. IT Startup Raising Funds In Chennai
  7. Profitable Window Blinds Manufacturing Business For Sale In Zirakpur
  8. 5 Yr old Engineering Firm Seeking Debt Funding In Thane
  9. Running Fast-food Restaurant Business For Sale In Mumbai
  10. Processed Meat Business Raising Funds In Noida
  11. Petrol pump for sale in Pune
  12. Milk Bottle Mnfg Business Raising Funds In Delhi
  13. Import/Export Consultancy Firm Raising Funds In Faridabad
  14. Two Profitable Grocery Stores For Sale In Gurugram
  15. Dance Studio For Sale In Gurgaon
  16. Renowned Restaurant Franchise For Sale In Bangalore
  17. Private Limited Company For Sale In Bhubaneswar
  18. BioGas Plant Seeking Funds In Karnataka
  19. Training Institute For Sale In Surat
  20. Coaching Institute Raising Funds In Chandigarh
  21. Agri-Tech Business Raising Funds In Pune
  22. Automobile Ancillary Business Raising Funds In Pune
  23. Restaurant For Sale In Calangute
  24. Ice-cream Business For Sale In Hyderabad
  25. Garment Manufacturing Business Raising Funds In Palakkad
  26. Restaurant For Sale Near Panchkula
  27. Reputed Shrimp Exporter Raising Funds In Surat
  28. IoT-based Food Tech Startup Raising Funds In Chennai
  29. Stretch Film Manufacturing Business For Sale In Ahmedabad.
  30. F&B Business Raising Funds In Hyderabad
  31. Established Dairy Company Raising Funds In Pune
  32. Recruiting Firm For Sale In Mumbai
  33. E-commerce Platform Raising Funds In Bangalore
  34. E-Commerce Business For Sale In Delhi
  35. EV Company Raising Funds In Pune
  36. Dormant Poultry Farm For Sale In Khammam
  37. Transport Company Seeking Working Partner In Ahmedabad
  38. Bike Rental Business For Sale In Bhuj.
  39. FMCG Distribution For Sale in Mulanthuruthy
  40. Restaurant For Sale In Vijayawada
  41. Edtech Job Portal For Sale In Delhi
  42. Restaurant For Sale In Hyderabad
  43. Restaurant For Sale In Hyderabad
  44. Restro-Bar Business For Sale In Noida
  45. Bakery With Multiple Outlets Raising Funds In Tiruppur
  46. Retail Super Market For Sale In Bangalore
  47. Established Taxi service Business For Sale In Trivandrum
  48. Advertising Business Raising Funds In Kolkata
  49. Boutique For Sale In Bangalore
  50. Beautiful Salon For Sale In Navi Mumbai
  51. 9 Years Old Dental Practice For Sale In Hyderabad
  52. E-Commerce Business For Sale In Kerala
  53. Waste Management Company Raising Funds In Coimbatore.
  54. E-Commerce Business For Sale In Delhi
  55. B2B Health Tech Company Raising Funds In Mumbai
  56. Event Aggregator Platform Raising Funds In Chennai
  57. Powerplant Manufacturing And Consulting Business Raising Funds or For Sale In Durg Bhilainagar
  58. QSR For Sale In Hyderabad
  59. Cloud Kitchen For Sale In Mumbai.
  60. Shop For Sale In Kolkata
  61. Platform Construction Material Raising Funds In Bangalore
  62. Restaurant For Sale Near a Tech Park In Bangalore.
  63. Premium Salon Franchise For Sale In Hyderabad.
  64. E-commerce platform Raising Funds/For Sale In Bangalore
  65. Steel Manufacturing Plant For Sale In Bhilwara
  66. Event Organiser Raising Funds In Bangalore
  67. Running Restaurant Raising Funds In Ahmedabad
  68. Interior Designing Company For Sale In Bangalore.
  69. Petrol Pump For Sale In Indore
  70. Microfinance Company Giving Franchising Opportunity
  71. Recruitment Firm For Sale In Bangalore
  72. Photography Business For Sale In Delhi.
  73. Innovative 6-seater Aircraft Project For Sale In Panaji
  74. Media Training Academy For Sale In Mumbai
  75. E-Commerce Platform Seeks Fund In Saharanpur.
  76. Pharma Retailing Business Raising Funds In Vadodara
  77. Established Beauty Parlor For Sale In Bhubaneshwar
  78. Solar Pump Business Raising Funds In Kolkata
  79. Seafood Restaurant Looking to Raise Funds in Vasai
  80. Established Busy Coffee Shop & a Cloud Kitchen For Sale In Pune
  81. Mall For Sale In Bhubaneshwar
  82. Production House Raising Funds In Mumbai
  83. Hospitality Business Raising Funds In Kanpur
  84. Restaurant Raising Funds In Bangalore
  85. Food Mall With 46 Restaurant Spaces Raising Funds In Chennai
  86. PSEB School For Sale In Ludhiana
  87. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factory For Sale In Nagpur.
  88. Graphics Designing Business For Sale In Kanpur.
  89. Spices Producing Business For Sale In Bangalore
  90. Iron Ore Exporting Business Raising Funds In Hyderabad.
  91. Edible Oil Business Raising Funds In Udupi
  92. Silk Industry with 3 sector under one roof with 30 Labours
  93. Beauty Salon With Franchise For Sale/Raising Funds In Pune
  94. Fastest Growing Pharma Company Raising Funds In Hubli Dharwad
  95. Quarry In Shillong Raising Funds
  96. Sponge iron Business Seeking Funds In Billari
  97. Cosmetics Business For Sale In Ahmedabad
  98. Edutech Company with 80 franchise Raising Funds/For Sale In Bangalore
  99. Thermal Paper Coating Mnfg Business Seeks Fund In Noida.
  100. Food Manufacturing Business For Sale Near Sri Ganganagar.
  101. Restaurant For Sale In Rajkot
  102. Cafe for sale in Ahmedabad
  103. Construction Material Manufacturer Seeks Funds In Coimbatore
  104. Bio Gas Startup Company Raising Funds In Vizianagaram
  105. Premium Salon For Sale In Bangalore
  106. Dairy Business Raising Funds Near Vellore
  107. Pre-School In Bangalore For Sale
  108. Transport Service Business Raising Funds In Bangalore.
  109. Multi-Cuisine Restaurant For Sale In Hyderabad
  110. Omnichannel E-commerce Business Raising Funds In Bangalore
  111. Party Plot For Sale In Radhanpur
  112. FMCG Food Manufacturer Business For Sale In Nainital
  113. Movie Production Company Raising Funds For Movie In Mumbai
  114. Running Bar and Restaurant For Sale In Hyderabad
  115. Ayurvedic Resort and Hospital For Sale In Thrissur
  116. Food Provision Supplier Business For Sale In Nashik
  117. UX Research Company With Global Clientele For Sale In Pune
  118. Defence Tech Company Raising Funds In Pune
  119. Management and engineering college for sale in Ernakulam
  120. IoT-based Food Tech Startup Raising Funds In Chennai

With 120 fresh opportunities waiting to be explored, the possibilities are as diverse as your ambitions. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking the next big thing or an aspiring entrepreneur ready to take the plunge, these business opportunities are more than listings – they’re gateways to your dreams.

So, as you navigate through the array of businesses seeking partners, investors, and visionaries, remember that each opportunity is a story waiting to be written. Your journey into the world of business and innovation begins with a single click.

Start your Entrepreneurial growth journey today!

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