IndiaBiz Newsletter August 2020

In this newsletter we cover latest trends, new offerings, upcoming events and shortlisted opportunities for you to check.

Growth via Franchise

Franchise In India

Is it for your business?

When you franchise your business, you create a repeatable framework of business operations, the valuation increases, the top line and bottom line also (may) improve, is it suitable for your business, read here.

Virtual tech in education

Experience based learning

IndiaBiz team is assisting a Finland startup focussed on education via VR tech for India entry. They have successfully launched its product offerings in schools and other establishments in Finland. Now, looking to bring similar innovative experience based learning for students in India. Learn how VR is changing education, click here.

Telegram Channel

For Daily Leads

We have launched a new telegram channel to share fresh pre-screened leads (buy-side & sell-side). The channel access is by invitation only and currently available to selected Premium intermediary members only.
To receive invitation, click here.

New Launch

SMB Growth Series

IndiaBiz in collaboration with eChai brings a new business opportunity every week through this online SMB series. Each opportunity is pre-screened & verified by IndiaBiz analyst team.

The SMB initiative by Indiabiz came at the right time for my business. Not only, I got interested folks to talk to but also got a lot of feedback on my business.”

“Great forum to showcase business idea to a decent-sized audience and create outreach for investment – from schedule to finish the whole team did a terrific job!”

Read more to attend future episodes…


Our Upcoming events & Partner events

AVCJ India Virtual Forum

26-27 August, (partner event)

The AVCJ India Virtual Forum will bring together leading GPs, international LPs, and industry players to connect on a fully interactive digital platform, transcending borders and time zones for a two-day conference into the Indian PE and VC landscape. This digital event will encourage thought-provoking discussions, collaboration and networking between 30+ speakers and 500+ attendees globally- all from the comfort, convenience and safety of your device.

Exclusive 10% discount off the standard rate is offered to IndiaBizforSale members, please quote VIP code – IVF_IBFS10 for registration.

To attend, Click here

eChai Co-Rise Summit

26-27 August (Partner event)

This startup focussed summit will bring global startup founders, investors and enablers together for more than 20 Global cities. 1:1 Networking, Product Growth Meetups, Growth Workshops, Learnings from Failures, Startup Investor Connect, 100+ Startups Showcase & Startup Offers will be available to attendees.

To attend, click here

Selected Opportunities from IndiaBiz Analyst team

Sell-side opportunities

Fund-raising, Business Exit, Franchise & more

Buy-side opportunities

Members who want to Buy, Invest, Become partner, etc.

Please leave your feedback in the comments, what kind of updates/articles you would like to see in the upcoming newsletters. 🙂

Thank you from team INDIABIZ 🙂

2 thoughts on “IndiaBiz Newsletter August 2020

  1. Dear Team,
    I fail to understand, why are cheating people with your website.
    We purchased a package and trying to contact people, and out of 10 – at least 6 were wrong responses and had said they had already sold long back or do not have any connection with the said information.
    Do not cheat people with your wrong or expired information.
    examples are – Ref _ SL002494

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback, we hear you. We have been constantly changing the status of opportunities which are SOLD or kept on HOLD. The ref SL002494 shows unavailable status now. Also- we have credit back facility- which means when you report the problem with any of the introductions on our website (within a timely manner)- our team investigates and return the credit to your account in 3-4 working days. We do apologise for the inconvenience, we automatically check for the availability every 60 days- still we have to rely on the business owners to inform us if the opportunity is not available etc…

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