Are You Really Ready to Buy a Business?

Buying an existing business is becoming a practical choice for seasoned professionals who prefer not to start from scratch. These professionals generally would have worked at various positions in medium to large organizations for most of their working professional life and now they are looking to start something of their own.

These professionals understand the time and resources it takes to build a business from scratch, instead they prefer spending time and resources to further build the business they have acquired. Generally, these middle-aged professionals (mostly) who have years of experiences and the skills they have garnered, either have some sizeable funds of their own and/or have access to funds via their network to finance the purchase of an existing business. receives good number of inquiries from such professionals on a regular basis. We aim to qualify interests from these interested buyers by asking series of detailed questions. These include; their past experiences in a similar industry, profile background – qualifications, their future plans (reasons on why they want to buy a business), preferred industry and location, what is the ideal investment budget, whether the purchase will be self-funded or external finance, etc. After careful evaluation we help them with their search to reach out to a relevant genuine business opportunity for sale.

We also help the interested buyer to communicate with the seller, assist them with signing of NDA, the top line Business Valuation, and as and when required, arrange a site visit for buyer and seller to meet directly. This interaction requires a serious amount of time and resources from our end to ensure that we only bring Genuine Seller and Serious Buyer on our platform to meet each other. Our secured messaging system enables communication between interested prospects with the business seller without revealing the business or the seller identity (unless preferred by the business owner).

Our seasoned professionals generally have an investment budget in the range of Rs.50 Lakhs – Rs.10 Crores to acquire a running business for sale. Generally, these are either self-funded or have a network of HNIs who would fund this business investment.

No doubt, the opportunity cost for these professionals is higher but at the same time with the amount of experiences, skills and contacts one has all the right to become his/her own BOSS.

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If you are planning to invest into an existing business, connect with us on our platform – We promise unbiased advice for your interest and concerns.

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