Selling or Buying Business through Online free Classifieds? Is it worth?

Since last many years there has been many debates or questions in the mind of business buyers or sellers popping up – is selling or buying business through online free classified websites is worth or not. Even this question would have come to your mind as well, as anything free is always tempting, but is it really worth for you and your final objective? Business selling and buying is very important decision and therefore you need to decide very carefully before taking up help of free classified website services. As the internet grown leaps and bound in recent years, there are 1000s of such websites are available and new are popping up every day.

Let’s take a look at if these free classified is of any worth to meet your objective of buying or selling a business quickly and at the right price.


When you look at the majority of free websites, you will find that it does not focus on different geography and therefore it misses out special focus on your location. Furthermore you will find ads of casual buyers and sellers who just want to test the water before plunging into. Therefore it loses its seriousness and big question on genuineness of the response you get. This might waste your time, efforts and energy considerably. Amount of time lost in finding genuine response may adversely affect your proposal as market scenario changes quickly in today’s economy and you may have to compromise or wait for another conducive time later. Your financial calculations could go wrong considerably in these cases.

Since many websites offer free ad listing, you tend to post your listing on as many websites you can. This is big NO-NO, as it would look like you are desperate. It is easy for smart buyer or seller to find out your similar listings on free websites when they access them. In this case you will get offer either too low if you are selling your business or too high if you want to buy a business. Also, for you it would be difficult to know which website will give you response and you will end up posting your free listing on as many as you can. You must avoid this.


You would notice that many junk listings are also posted on free websites like to buy and sell apartments, vehicle, machinery etc. This will add misery to your genuine proposal to buy or sell business. Your listing will be lost in the bunch of irrelevant postings and will lose its seriousness too.

With these facts, now you should be able to judge if your decision to post your listings to buy or sell business on free classified websites is worth or not. It is always better to advertise on geography focused and professional websites, even if you have to pay nominal fees for that. These websites have their professional marketing team which help you to meet prospective buyers or sellers who are ready to crack a deal with you. And therefore, you will have best chances to get maximum and positive response from genuine and serious prospects. This will also help you to close the deal quickly and at the right price.

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