in Association with FICCI and GCCI Hosts Business Buyer’s Club Event in Ahmedabad

Our recent stint has made ‘SME deal-making’ the hottest thing in Gujarat!

Business Buyer’s Club, a first-of-its-kind exclusive deal making opportunity for business buyers, investors and business owners, was organized in Ahmedabad last week by in association with FICCI and GCCI. The businesses showcased in the event were hand-picked by our senior analysts, and only genuine, serious buyers and investors were extended invitation for the day.

Business Buyer’s Club is a novel concept that first launched in Mumbai in June, 2017 and has received tremendous response since. In our constant effort to bring about quick deal sourcing, effective matchmaking and end-to-end deal management, we have taken cognizance of the fact that while technology is an enabler, it is not enough for quick and effective deal-discovery, especially in the Indian landscape. Business Buyer’s Club brings together genuine buyers and investors looking to close a transaction within the next 6 months, along with credible, quality businesses that are deal-ready.

Here in Ahmedabad, Business Buyer’s Club evolved from the shared vision of, FICCI and GCCI, to create a wave of change in the way buying, selling and investment transactions takes place for SMEs in India. As we moved forward with our vision, TiE and eChai joined hands with us as outreach partners. thanks and congratulates all its partners for believing and sharing the vision of Business Buyer’s Club. In particular, we would like to express our deep gratitude for Mr. Shailesh Indramadan Patwari, President, GCCI, and Mr. Rajiv Vastupal, Chairman, FICCI – Gujarat State Council, who graced the event with their special presence.

We received registrations for more than 65 businesses for this event. Of these, our analyst team visited over 30 businesses in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Rajkot to shortlist for the exclusive showcase. And meticulous scrutiny, we selected only 9 businesses that were presented to buyer-and-investor cohort. The businesses were shortlisted based on the information made available, genuineness of the promoters, attractiveness of the business, value proposition of products and services, their command on the market, growth potential, investment rationale and overall health of the business.

The 9 businesses that were showcased belonged to diverse sectors such as hospitals and healthcare, pharmaceutical marketing, packaging, IoT, water tank manufacturing, food catering, garment manufacturing and so on, looking for transactions worth INR 1.5 – 25 Cr, the average transaction value presented at the event being INR 3.25 Cr. The showcase was a focused conversation between promoters and team, alongside a pitch presentation. The event concluded with one-to-one meeting and networking over high tea that gave the buyers and investors an opportunity to interact with the promoters in person. Subsequent stages of the deal process for these matches will now be facilitated by

90+ registrations from buyers and investors were received for the event, of which only 45 were selected, based on various criteria such as genuineness, credibility, preference for businesses and so on. The 45 shortlisted buyers and investors who made it to the event hailed from Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Dubai and Singapore. Total 51 introductions and 45 one-to-one meetings were arranged between business owners, investors and buyers. Within first 4 days of the event, at least 7 follow up meetings have been arranged and more are being organised now.

The event received extremely positive reviews and tremendous enthusiasm from participants and partners alike. 100% of the respondents who shared event feedback stated that they were satisfied with the return-on-investment for the event and found it absolutely worthwhile. Over 75% of the respondents believed in the event idea, found the event relevant to their deal-making objectives, and were strongly in favour of repeating Business Buyer’s Club in Ahmedabad.

We are now gearing up to bring to you the next Business Buyer’s Club events at Mumbai, New Delhi, and Ahmedabad – stay tuned!

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    Please follow up and give the readers an idea about it. I sit just a Show biz or actually working platform

    1. Thanks Raju.
      The event is done on 2 September 2017, total closure of transaction will take months as deals go through exploration, negotiation, diligence, legal paperwork and then closure. On that day more than 51 introductions and 45 1-to-1 meetings happened. The overall feedback (from the forms received) 95% attendees found this event worthwhile to attend on the basis of ROI.

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