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Newsletter Issue 41
September 2016
Still looking for the right buyer / investor?
Finding the right buyer for your business and getting connected with him can be a painstaking and tiring task, especially when you are trying to sell your business while keeping it confidential.

Now we are offering you a quick and easy way to connect with our registered and curated buyers.

Featured Deals
-> ISO 9001:2008 certified company
-> Fastest growing HR solutions company
-> Awarded by HCL and Wipro; expertise in IMS, ITIL and SAP resourcing
-> Provides services in contingent staffing,  talent sourcing, managed services & recruitment process outsourcing
-> Asking price: INR 75 Cr.
Business setup in 1978, Operation shifted to Pvt Ltd in 2012
-> Provides warehousing facility to clients as value added services
-> Clients from FMCG, food, automotive, agriculture and printing & packing industries and tourism
-> Asking Price: INR 70 Lakhs
-> US FDA approved plant
-> Established clientele in India & abroad
-> Manufacturing and Marketing of various high precision, life-saving medical devices
-> Looking for investment: INR 25 Cr. to expand operations, facility and introduce innovative technology
-> Deals in processing of milk and milk products
-> Started processing and packing of cow milk in pouches, under various brand name; Reach consumers directly through retailers / agents
-> Manufacturing and selling of value added products such as butter, ghee
-> Investment required: INR 25 Cr.
-> Started in 2005 with all required licenses and approval
-> Provides manufacturing services to other companies
-> Building consists of office & factory shed; 3 floor with RCC roof
-> Asking Price: INR 3 Cr.
->Non agriculture land with construction plant in Vadodara
-> Land ad-measuring 147.44 acres in village Kandari
-> Setup for a CPT plant to cater to the rising demand in the industry
-> Capacity of producing 12 lakhs units per annum
-> Asking price: INR 100 Cr.
-> ISO 9001:2008 certified company
-> Engaged with clients onshore, offshore and marine industry
-> Provides technical services & projects on DG sets, HAVC, STP, WTP, Elevators, Marine engines
-> Asking price: INR 15 Cr.

Medical & Surgical Business for Sale in Delhi

-> 300+ products range related to surgical, medical and laboratory equipments
-> Products used by leading medical colleges, hospitals, research institutes
-> Trades full line of hospital and medical equipment ranging from disposable products, hospital hollowware, diagnostic products etc.
Low Competition in the market
-> Asking price: INR 75 Lakhs.
Deals of the Month
They are open to invest for any of the profitable unit whether into Electrical, Engineering Pharmaceutical and others. Currently they are running plastic manufacturing business. Investment Budget is up to INR 20 Crores
News Update

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