Connecting with 130k Network: Verification Details & FAQs

Business Owner/Seller Side:

We understand that coming to a point where you are looking to sell your business or looking to raise funds for business growth is a difficult choice to make. However, what makes it even more difficult to find buyers or investors for your business.

At, we believe in giving every business opportunity a fair chance to be bought / invested in. To gain added trust in your business, we also provide Business Verification service.

You only need to email us your:

  1. Last 3 year’s audited financial statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)
  2. Original images of the business (recent)
  3. KYC (Individual / Company PAN card)Once we have checked the documents submitted and verified with your listing, we will list your business opportunity with a Verified tag.

Why should I get my business verified?

We have noticed that listings with Verified tag gets 3 times more buyer / investors inquiries interested in your business.
And above all, it is absolutely FREE.

How does the verified tag help?

Verified tag helps gain buyers trust in the business opportunity and also conveys that the information on the listing has been checked with the documents submitted by the sell-side.

What happens to my documents?

Your documents are saved on our secured drive and are kept confidential. We will not disclose unless you give your consent to share.

What if I do not share my documents?

Nothing changes. You will continue to receive inquiries and use the system as you did earlier. However, your listing will not gain advantage over other verified listings.

How do you verify my business?

We do not verify your business. We only verify the information mentioned on the business listing and the documents you submit. This is done to create trust factor and more transparency for the interested buyer / investor.

What if I provide false information?

The objective behind putting a verified tag is to help you get more visibility and traction and hence more interested buyers / investors.

Before we put a verified tag on your listing, our expert analyses the information provided by you with your business listing. The verified tag is only given once the expert approves that the information matches and is true.

Business Buyers/Investors Side

Wanting to buy / invest into a business is a cumbersome task and it feels even more tiresome when you are not sure of the information given about the business. To make things easier for you, our business verification process provides a verified tag to a business listing after collecting their financials and other documents and reflecting that it matches their business listing.

So now if you see a verified tag on a listing, know that the information mentioned is actually what it is.

Can I see these documents too?

You can see the documents provided the seller gives a written consent to share them with you. The simplest way of getting the consent is by sending a message to the listing and indicating your keen interest in the business as well as your desire to see the documents.

If the seller agrees and informs us, we will share the documents with you.

As a buyer, how does a listing with the verified tag help me?

A listing with verified tag implies that the information mentioned in the listing is backed by documents submitted by the business and is correct to the best of our knowledge and that if this information is alluring enough then you must contact the business.

It ensures transparency in the system and builds deeper trust amongst both sides.

What if I find that even after having a verified tag the actual business info does not match the one on the listing?

We would request you to contact us immediately and a strict action would be taken by us. Having said that a listing gets a verified tag only after our expert is convinced about the financial information on listing matches with the documents provided.

Business Consultant/Broker/I-Banker Side

Verified tag – a new feature to help you better. So far the listings on were just being curated by our expert team. Now, we have decided to go one step further and verify the information provided by collecting relevant financial documents and other data to ensure that you get the most accurate possible information.

As a consultant, how do I get a verified tag on my sell-side mandate?

Whether you are a business owner or a consultant the process for getting a verified tag on the sell-side listing is the same.

How does having a verified tag on my mandate help?

Listings with Verified tag gives more visibility and trust and hence higher responses. You may have an additional advantage, as it will mean that you have a direct access to information on your mandate and hence creates more reliability for the listing as well as towards you.

I want a verified tag on the listing but my client is not willing to share the documents, what do I do now?

Without the documents, we cannot verify the business details and hence cannot give the verified tag. The best thing we can do is that we can talk to your client directly and request for the same.

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2 thoughts on “Connecting with 130k Network: Verification Details & FAQs

  1. Very important and valuable information for me as I have many collections about actually How business verification is done and what are the ways I will also add this in that collection thanks for this valuable information.

    1. Business verification is challenging for partnership, trust, education society, proprietorship types of companies. The verification process is a top line diligence only, and no way we promote that as full diligence process which any intermediary would need to do for any M&A, Investment, JV transactions. GST registration, share holding patterns, Income tax returns, licenses and financials are standard documents are generally checked.

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