August 2023 Highlights: 81 New Business Opportunities

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As we step into September 2023, let’s take a moment to celebrate the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of our incredible nation, India 🇮🇳, by reflecting on some fantastic business updates from last month, which was August 2023, that have joined our IndiaBizForSale platform. These opportunities span various industries, from technology startups and manufacturing ventures to hospitality and retail establishments.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or a budding entrepreneur looking to enter the Indian market, this update offers valuable options. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse, filter, and connect with business owners, streamlining the investment process.

August 2023 Highlights: 81 New Business Opportunities

  1. Streetlight Manufacturing Business Raising Funds In Pune
  2. EV Distributor Dealer 31 Cr Topline Startup Raising Funds In Chennai
  3. AI Company Raising Funds For Expansion In Bhubaneshwar
  4. Automobile Spare Part Trading Business For Sale In Hyderabad
  5. Laser Engraving Business Raising Funds In Pondicherry
  6. Flourishing Bakery Supplies Business For Sale In Kolkata
  7. Running Dairy Business For Sale Near Patan
  8. Consumer Tech platform For Sale In Noida
  9. Running Cloud Kitchen With 8 Brands For Sale In Mumbai
  10. Thriving Restaurant For Sale In Mumbai
  11. AI Software Developing Company Raising Funds In Chennai
  12. Manufacturing Company For Sale in Pune
  13. Solar EPC Company Raising Funds For Growth In Delhi
  14. Cattle Feed Trader in Amravati Seeks Funds for Dairy Expansion
  15. 7 Year Old Profit Making Food Manufacturing Company For Sale In Navi Mumbai
  16. Dormant Cafe Available For Lease In Faridabad
  17. Established Pharmacy For Sale In Ahmedabad
  18. Education Institute Managed by IITians Raising Funds in Chennai
  19. Ecommerce Platform Raising Funds In Mumbai
  20. Profitable Car Detailing Business Raising Funds In Hyderabad
  21. Running Spices Business Raising Funds In Pondicherry
  22. A Well Established Gift And toy Showroom For Sale In Chennai
  23. Profitable Sand Mining Business Raising Funds In Kolkata
  24. Loyalty Program Solution Company Raising Funds In Noida
  25. Business Services Startup Raising Funds In Pune
  26. Medical Laboratory Raising Funds In Thane
  27. Industrial Gearbox Business Raising Funds In Pune
  28. Luxurious Hotel For Sale In Raipur
  29. Premium Eyewear Brand Raising Funds To Scale In Howrah
  30. Est IT Services Firm With 50 Cr Order For Sale In Mumbai
  31. Manufacturing Business Raising Funds In Chennai
  32. Established Cloud kitchen For Sale In Delhi
  33. Established Corporate Catering business For sale In Mumbai
  34. Established Running Snacks Manufacturing Unit For Sale In Pune
  35. High-end Cowboy themed Cafe seeking Partners In Gurgaon
  36. Real Estate Company Raising Funds For Expansion In Kochi
  37. Running Car Wash and Detailing business for Sale In Mumbai
  38. Beauty Parlor Business Looking to Raise Funds in Chhattisgarh
  39. Profitable Cloud Kitchens For Sale In Gurgaon
  40. Cloud Kitchen For Sale In Hyderabad
  41. Established Ice Cream Parlor For Sale In Chennai
  42. Restaurant Business Looking For A Partner In Hyderabad
  43. Mushroom Producing Business Raising Funds In Delhi
  44. Running Cafe With Good Potential For Sale In Bangalore
  45. India’s Leading SaaS Company For MSME Raising Funds In Gandhinagar
  46. Highly Profitable Running Petrol Pump For Sale In Tirunelveli
  47. Established Hospital For Sale Near Mohali
  48. Highly Profitable Running Hospital For Sale In Gurugram
  49. Signage Manufacturing Company Raising Funds In Kochi
  50. Running Medical Store For Sale In Surat
  51. Healthcare Startup Raising Funds In Ahmedabad
  52. Pharmaceutical Company Raising Funds In Bangalore
  53. Fast Food Cafe/Restaurant For Sale In Mumbai
  54. Established Hotel Raising Funds In Pune
  56. Estd Export Oriented Business Raising Funds In Kolkata
  57. Production Company Raising Funds For A Bollywood Film In Pune
  58. Performing Arts business looking for a Franchisee in Goa
  59. Logistics Company Raising Funds For A BlueChip Project In Kolkata
  60. Business Services Firm Raising Funds To Diversify In Mumbai
  61. Agriculture Start Up Raising Funds For Expansion In Bangalore
  62. Skin Care Products Manufacturing Business Raising Funds In Mumbai
  63. Newly Opened Jeweler Shop Raising Funds In Nagpur
  64. Real-estate Platform For Sale In Kerala
  65. Education Platform Raising Funds In Hyderabad
  66. Running Profitable Hotel For Sale In Manali
  67. Running Fast-food Kiosk For Sale In Pune
  68. D2C Vintage Decor E-Commerce Business For Sale In Mumbai
  69. Established Bottle Manufacturing And Trading Business Raising Funds In Pune
  70. Supermarket Selling Assets In Chennai
  71. Seeds Manufacturing Distribution Co For Sale
  72. Premium Running Restaurant For Sale In Hyderabad
  73. Running Restaurant For Sale In Bangalore
  74. Translation Services Firm Raising Funds In Hyderabad
  75. Running Pharmacy For Sale In Ahmedabad
  76. Busy Petrol Pump For Sale In Panvel
  77. Established CBSE School For Sale Near Bikaner
  78. Cloud Kitchen Company Raising Funds In Hyderabad
  79. Real Estate firm raising funds for expansion in Delhi
  80. A Private Limited Company For Sale In Bhubaneshwar
  81. Shrink label company for sale in South Gujarat

At, our mission is to seamlessly connect buyers and sellers, fostering growth and prosperity across industries. Whether you’re an investor, a potential partner, or just curious about new opportunities, we have something exciting for you.

If any of these businesses pique your interest or if you’re on the lookout for more opportunities, visit our platform today. Stay tuned for next month’s roundup as we continue to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of India.

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