2325 Hotel Investors in India to Raise Fund, Merge, or Get Exit

2325+ Genuine Hotel Investors in India Find Your Perfect Match

Are you a hotel owner seeking funds to expand your business, or are you considering selling your hotel to the right buyer? Look no further. With a network of over 2325+ hotel investors actively seeking opportunities in India, finding your perfect partner has never been easier. Let’s explore how these investors can support your funding needs or help facilitate the sale of your hotel business.

Fundraising & M&A in Hotel Sector – Genuine Investors to Connect

Every day, we receive requests from hundreds of professional investors who want to join our platform. However, we carefully curate our selection process to ensure only high-quality investors are on board. This means you, as a business owner, can connect with the right potential investors who are genuinely interested in supporting your deals and helping them thrive.

Location Based Investors in Hospitality Sector

Hotel investing in new trends as India’s hotel sector is booming, and investors are taking notice. There are thousands of business investors seeking lucrative Hotel investment opportunities in India, spanning from over 1300 different locations. Below, we share some lists of hotel investors from various states in India.

272+ Hotel Investors in Karnataka

  1. Ravishankar, Business Buyer & Investor in Bangalore 
  2. Paul, Business Buyer in Bangalore
  3. BANGRA, Business Buyer & Investor in Mangalore
  4. Sreenivas, Business Buyer & Investor in Bangalore
  5. Bangalore Investor, Director in Business Services sector is looking to invest in Bangalore Business 10Cr
  6. Founder based in Bangalore is interested to Lease
  7. Chairman based in Bangalore is interested to Buy, Invest
  8. Varun, Business Buyer in Bangalore
  9. Proprietor based in Belagavi is interested to Buy, Invest, Lease, Assets Only, Franchise, Distribution, Partner, Technology Transfer, Product Licensing
  10. Looking to Acquire / Invest in Cafe / Fast Food Business in Bangalore
  11. Paul, Business Buyer in Bangalore
  12. Looking for Restaurants in Bangalore
  13. Interested in Profitable Business in Mysore
  14. Looking to buy Small Scale Business in Bangalore
  15. Looking to buy Running Business in Karnataka
  16. and More

395+ Hotel Investors in Maharashtra

  1. Manav, Business Buyer in Mumbai
  2. Saurabh, Business Buyer in Nashik
  3. Gagan, Business Buyer & Investor in Mumbai
  4. Milind, Business Buyer in Pune
  5. Harjit, Business Buyer in Nagpur
  6. Prathmesh, Business Investor in Satara
  7. Aurangabad-based Professional in Clothing Sector is looking for Distributorship business in Maharashtra
  8. Mumbai based Professional in Import and Export Industry is looking to Acquire business in Maharashtra
  9. Mumbai-based working professionally in Food Manufacturing Industry is looking to Acquire a Chemical/Mechanical business in Mumbai/Nashik. – Indiabizforsale
  10. Panvel based CFO in Logistics & Petroleum sector is looking to Buy Manufacturing Business/Distressed Asset opportunity in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Panvel
  11. Latur based Petrol Pump owner is looking to Buy Petrol Pump or Hotel/Restaurant business
  12. Director based in Kolhapur is interested to Buy
  13. Capital Management Company Looking to Invest in Good Profitable Business in India
  14. Chairman Based in Akola Is Interested to Invest in Hotel / Amusement Park
  15. Managing Director Based in Solapur Is Interested to Buy, Invest, Lease, Partner
  16. and more

245 Hotel Investors in Gujarat

  1. kapil, Business Buyer in Ahmedabad
  2. RAJESH, Business Investor in Mahesana
  3. Business Investor from Rajkot Looking For Profitable Investment Opportunities
  4. Mayur, Business Investor in Surat
  5. Sharad, Business Investor from Vadodara
  6. Ahmedabad based Individual is Looking to Buy/Invest in Running Business Opportunities
  7. Jamnagar based Proprietor in Hospitality Sector is looking to Buy/Invest
  8. Rupal, Business Investor in Vapi
  9. Proprietor based in Bhavnagar is interested to Lease
  10. Working Professional based near Ahmedabad is looking to buy Retail Grocery business
  11. and more

225+ Hotel Investors in Tamil Nadu 

  1. Praveen, Business Buyer & Investor in Chennai
  2. JAYASIMHAN, Business Buyer & Investor in Tiruppur
  3. Sundar, Business Buyer & Investor in Coimbatore
  4. M Pratap , Business Buyer in India
  5. PRAVEEN, Business Buyer & Investor in Chennai
  6. Sadham, Business Buyer & Investor in Chennai
  7. Arunkumar, Proprietor from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
  8. anand, Business Investor in Chennai
  9. Prakash, Business Investor in India
  10. Subramanian, Business Investor in Indonesia
  11. and more

145+ Hotel Investors In Telangana

  1. rahul, Business Buyer & Investor in Hyderabad
  2. Tribhuvan, Business Buyer & Investor in India
  3. Saikiran, Business Buyer in Karimnagar
  4. Hyderabad based Director in Automobile sector is looking for Restaurant / Education business
  5. Hyderabad based CEO in Hospitality industry is looking for Hotel / Restaurant business
  6. Naresh, Business Investor in Hyderabad
  7. Proprietor based in Hyderabad is interested to Buy
  8. A Working Professional in the It Industry Is Looking to Invest/buy a Small Scale It Firm or Any Similar Industry
  9. Proprietor based in Hyderabad is interested to Buy, Lease, Franchise, Partner
  10. Seeking to Partner or Acquire Restaurant in Hyderabad
  11. Adarsh’s looking to Acquire Restaurant Business in Telangana
  12. and more

Apart from above, you can check below state wise hospitality investors for your specific geography needs.

1. 177+ Hotel Investors in Andhra Pradesh

2. 36+ Hotel Investors in Assam

3. 46+ Hotel Investors in Bihar

4. 50+ Hotel Investors in  Chhattisgarh

5. 226+ Hotel Investors in Goa

6. 87+ Hotel Investors in Himachal Pradesh

7. 44+ Hotel Investors in Jharkhand

8. 115+ Hotel Investors in Kerala

9. 105+ Hotel Investors in Madhya Pradesh

10. 31+ Hotel Investors in Manipur

11. 32+ Hotel Investors in Meghalaya

12. 31+ Hotel Investors in Mizoram

13. 29+ Hotel Investors in Nagaland

14. 53+ Hotel Investors in Orrisa

15. 88+ Hotel Investors in Punjab

16. 131+ Hotel Investors in Rajasthan

17. 33 Hotel Investors in Sikkim

18. 32+ Hotel Investors in Tripura

19. 163+ Hotel Investors in Uttar Pradesh

20. 100+ Hotel Investors in Uttarakhand

21. 112+ Hotel Investors in West Bengal

22. 185+ Hotel Investors in Haryana

With above list of hospitality investors, you can surely connect with the right potentials for your fundraising or exit needs.

Now, the question is…

Why Investors Are Flocking to the Indian Hospitality Industry 

There are three major reasons for why these many individuals are seeking investment opportunities in hospitality sector:

  1. The Indian hospitality marketing is growing and expected to reach $31.01 billion by 2029, at CAGR of 4.73% during the forecast period of 204-2029. This attracts many individual to step in and always in lookout for hotel opportunities to get acquire or invest in.
  2. More Indians are traveling within the country due to a growing middle class and more money to spend, especially for spiritual tourism.
  3. Budget-friendly options like Airbnb and Oyo rooms are popular, and the government is improving ports for cruise tourism, while international hotel chains are building new projects to accommodate the increasing number of travelers.

Hotel investing seems lucrative for investors which help hotelpreneurs to connect with right professionals fundraising and mergers and acquisitions (m&a) and complete their deal in a smooth and quick manner.

How to Connect with Hotel Investors?

Connecting with investors is easy if you go with systematically. Most of the owners sometimes has inaccurate data and follow the different process that not provide the true value of their efforts.

To make it simple and easy for entrepreneurs, we created THREE steps process that help to connect with right investors easy and quick.

If you want to connect with the right potential hospitality investors, here’s the steps to follow;

  1. Free Signup on IndiaBizForSale
  2. Create your Lucrative business/startup proposal
  3. Send proposal to potential investors at one click (on the platform only)

This hardly take your 3 to 7 minutes and give you exposure to become a part of 1,30,000+ professionals network.

Best of Luck.

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