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Terms and Conditions for Guest Post:

1. IndiaBizForSale has the right to decline the submission of post, if:

  • It does not align with the focus areas of IndiaBizForSale and its clients
  • It contains words or context which are discriminatory or degrading towards any individual or entity.
  • It is fully or partially copied / plagiarised from elsewhere.

2. Any post submitted would be proofread before it is published. IndiaBizForSale has the right to edit it in part or full as deemed fit.

3. In case a post is not published, the writer shall be informed of the same but IndiaBizForSale is not liable to explain the reasons for the same.

4. Decision of IndiaBizForSale to accept or reject a post will be final and binding on the contributor.

5. Posts submitted elsewhere are accepted, but credits must be given to first publisher while submitting the post.

6. The contributor would retain his / her right over the post, and can submit it elsewhere, unless the post has been co-authored and / or co-developed by IndiaBizForSale.