The Best of 2017: Milestones Achieved

At, we always walk the extra mile to make deal-making hassle-free, effective and efficient. Today, our platform is helping thousands of businesses, buyers, investors, consultants, and investment banks to source deals quickly, find the right match and secure superior advisory services for better deal management. As they say, the race to finish-line begins with a small step. Looking back, here are the top 10 milestones that we achieved in 2017 to serve our users better and quicker.

  1. Launched Business Buyer’s Club (BBC): We launched the event series Business Buyer’s Club (BBC), based on the novel concept of direct one-to-one meetings between business owners, business buyers and investors. Held in Mumbai and Ahmedabad recently, it was received with highly enthusiastic response.
  2. 26,000+ Happy Users: We are overwhelmed with the faith that our users have demonstrated in us. With 26,000+ user-base, we are bigger and stronger than ever. Our platform listings too have soared in 2017, which means that you now have more and more opportunities matching your preferences. The following graph shows the distribution of listings on our platform.
  3. Partnerships with FICCI, GCCI & others: Business Buyer’s Club in Ahmedabad emanated from a joint vision of, FICCI and GCCI. Mr. Rajiv Vastupal (Chairman, FICCI, Gujarat State Council) and Dr. Shailesh Indramadan Patwari (President, GCCI) were eminent guests at our event. Among other notable organizations, we were also outreach partner for VCCircle events and ah! Ventures events, and a supporting organization for AVCJ.
  4. 57,500+ Connections Made: Whether it is a business in a tier II or tier III city in the country, or a buyer / investor from abroad, our platform makes it possible to discover potential matches with just a few clicks. As of 2017, 57,500+ connections from 169 cities across 25+ industries have happened through our platform. Now wonder, we are India’s most preferred network to buy, sell, fund and grow businesses.
  5. Deal of the Year (~INR 22 Cr): The highlight of the year was one of the largest deals that we cracked in the Education sector, with parties from India & the U.S. A renowned college in the field of engineering changed hands with the support of our platform and our expert deal managers.
  6. Quick Introductions by Our Team Gained Momentum: While our platform is at the core of effortless deal-discovery, we have always gone beyond the platform to help our users find their dream opportunity. One such feature which has recently gained huge momentum is the Quick Introduction. Launched only 1.5 years back, it has quickly become the go-to tool for buyers and investors looking for a guaranteed introduction with a business through our team’s intervention. In the last year, an overwhelming number of Quick Introduction requests have kept our client-support team busy!
  7. Seed Funding Received: We have received tremendous support from a cohort of 6 renowned investors who have exhibited their faith in our vision by helping us with capital and other resources. While we are lucky to have them by our side, we are exhilarated that this in turn will make it possible for us to serve you better in the near and far future.
  8. Media & Recognition: Our breakthroughs in connecting businesses and investors / acquirers have led us to evolve as a thought-leader in this space. We have been covered in several esteemed dailies such as the Financial Express and Listen to our co-founder Bhavin Bhagat speak to TV5 Money, Hyderabad, and don’t miss reading the story of our fascinating journey in Prachi Garg’s latest book Supercouples
  9. Startup Assistance from CIIE, Gujarat Govt., & EDI: We have received continuous support from organizations like Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) – IIM Ahmedabad, the State Government of Gujarat and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). Be it through awards, mentions or grants, we are grateful to have been at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.
  10. Expansion in Chennai: Along the way, our strategic tie-up with a leading global fintech enterprise has helped us grow roots in the city of Chennai. Our product development team in Chennai is on a mission to transform our platform into a radically simple and seamless deal-making experience.

With 2018 knocking at our doorstep, we look forward to imparting to you a whole new deal-making experience on our platform. Stay tuned to us as we roll out new features, upgrades and services along the way!

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