Beyond M&A: Strategic Partnerships on Indiabiz – 3 Recent Success Stories in Licensing, Distribution & Business Development

You can succeed the best and the quickest by helping others to succeed

We are excited to share with you that Indiabiz is increasingly becoming the preferred hub of progressive business owners in India as well as established businesses from abroad, to enable meaningful partnerships with Indian SMEs. The following recent success stories on the platform are our highlights for this month as a power-packed dose of inspiration for business owners:

  1. UK-based dermatology company has identified a supply and distribution partner in India for its innovative skin products range. This distribution partner is one of the top 10 Pharma companies in the country and is strengthening its products portfolio through strategic licensing partnerships such as these. At present, the parties are engaged in the final level of discussions for the partnership to come through.
  1. Digital Media Agency based in Mumbai, which is owned by a larger global media company, was looking to grow in specific niche projects. Through Indiabiz, the company has identified an vendor in Ahmedabad with special focus on Salesforce, delivering custom projects. As the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership, the parties have entered into an agreement, starting with a vendor-supplier relationship.
  1. Mumbai-based kitchen appliances company joined hands with an established contract manufacturer in Bangalore through Indiabiz. With a view to distribute its wide range of products through this partnership, the first engagement contract value has emerged in 7 figures.

Thus, while M&A and fund-raise continue to be the dominant transactions on the platform, partnerships such as the above are appealing to business owners as well and have seen numerous successes recently. It all started a few years back when our management team identified the pressing need to make strategic business relationships a cornerstone of the platform activities. This need soon translated into an opportunity – the co-founders recognized that with over 40,000+ reach, the network effect of Indiabiz is bound to be enormous with an obvious multiplier-effect. Therefore, businesses in India and globally can quickly discover the right partners to grow their business by accessing the platform as a one-stop destination.

With a view to become a comprehensive transaction partner for business owners, we are now spinning more and more successes in diverse strategic relationship formats such as licensing, distribution, dealership, joint ventures, investment partnerships, business development, co-branding, vendor agreements and service partnerships.

Make the most of this opportunity by discovering the right partnership for your business on Indiabiz. Stay tuned to us for more such inspirational success stories!

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