Where to Advertise to Sell or Buy Small Business in India?

When you decide to buy or sell a business, you first need to advertise your proposal, unless you have ready buyer or seller from internal sources. Advertising in a proper medium is extremely essential to receive best offers for your proposals, especially when there are small businesses for sale.

To sell business in India, one needs to choose advertising options carefully. If you do not get good response to your proposal in reasonable time limit, then you will waste your advertising money, effort, time, energy and most importantly you will lose the best chance to en-cash opportunity in favourable market condition.

Let’s evaluate what advertising options are available to you and how to use them to your advantage.

The most traditional medium is newspaper advertisement. You need to decide your target audience to identify which newspapers have good circulation and are read by business owners most. The next step is to choose the page or section, and size of the advertisement based on your advertising budget. Too small advertisements will get lost from the sight and big ads would overshoot your budget.

You can also opt for a classified ads section in newspapers and it would be a less costly option. You can do some ad repetition but it may be termed as desperateness by your prospects and it may undermine the value of your business and proposal.

Small Businesses for sale
Small Businesses for sale

The biggest issue with newspaper ad is its cost and short life span of ads. It is worth only for a couple of days and if you don’t get a proper response your money is wasted. Another significant limitation is, it is targeted in your local areas and therefore it does not reach to other prospective buyers.

Another option available is to advertise in trade magazine of your business industry. It is better targeted, but its circulation and readership you need to find out. However, it still has the limitation of location reach and it could be restricted in local areas only. Other business owners who want to diversify into other businesses or general investors would miss out your proposal and you would not get the chance to receive offers from them.

Nowadays, internet advertisements are prominent and you could benefit immensely. This option is flexible and cost effective. You can use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others effectively. However, on social media you need to be careful.

There are plenty of free classified advertisement websites to sell or buy business in India. The problem with these websites is that it is much cluttered and does not focus only on India. You would find lots of irrelevant ads like apartment for sale, vehicle for sale etc. Lot of junk could hamper your genuine offer. Over posted on many free business listing sites would go against you, so be careful!

There are few premium and India focused paid advertisement websites available, which you should consider using, as there you will find only serious and genuine buyers or sellers, and still cost effective. Also, your ad will receive proper attention without being lost in junk ads as well as the benefits of all searches made on the internet.

The most recommended is to advertise on exclusive India focused paid advertisement website, supported by a newspaper ad. This will give you the benefits of both channels – offline and online, and maximize the chance of getting a better offer quickly.

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